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Business Planning

Having a good, solid business plan in place is key to have a successful return on investment of your orchard. We can work with you to set up a budget for your new or existing orchard. From start to finish, having a solid plan in place with budgetary goals is important for your bottom line. Call for an estimate on developing a new orchard, lease or manage your current orchard, or any other needs you may have.

Deep Ripping

When it comes to ground preparation of a new orchard, water drainage issues can be a serious problem for new orchards. Depending on soil and tree type, deep ripping, backhoe, or chiseling should be considered when planting a new orchard. Call for rates and availability. We also offer ripping down the middle of existing orchards that may have problems with water drainage issues. Do it right the first time and save!

Laser Scraping

If you are looking to move dirt for an orchard preparation, call today for availability and rates. We have several cooperators to work with so you aren’t put behind in your ground work. Our cooperators are well experienced and offer excellent service with the latest technology and equipment. Less time in the field, and more savings in your wallet!

Irrigation Installation

If you are looking to install a new irrigation system we can help you to determine what system your orchard will require and if you may qualify for a grant to assist you with the cost. We have a great relationship with local businesses to get your installation done on time, as well a competitive rates. Save fertilizer, time and expenses with a irrigation system to fit your budget and needs. Call early as government grants may take over a year to become funded. Our knowledge and experience can help you with this process.