Alberti Farm & Orchard Services - Harvest




Almonds or walnuts, mono-boom or side-mount, we can get your shaking done on time, at a competitive price, with care and caution for your trees. Don’t let cheap prices persuade you into shaking your orchard. Quality operators who pay attention to detail make it count where it needs to. Large or small acreage, call well in advance to schedule for your harvest needs. Winter shaking is also available at competitive rates.


We offer competitive rates for sweeping services. Low dust sweepers for sensitive areas such as high traffic areas, schools, or other reasons that you may want low dust machines. We also offer conventional sweepers and depending on acreage can accommodate several machines.


If you are looking to condition your crop, either to remove unwanted sticks or grass, or to ensue a faster dry down call for availability and scheduling. This service is provided from our cooperators that we currently work with. If you have a variation of nut drying your field, excessive sticks or grass, you may want to consider conditioning your crop. If you have a heavy stick problem, conditioners will most likely be cheaper then hand labor and remove more debris leaving your crop in an even, consistent clean windrow, while dumping the sticks at the end of your row so you don’t have to deal with them again in your next variety. This ensures the harvester will move throughout the field without any worry of plugging, and a better quality product in the cart. If you would like to see how this works, call to see where it is operating and see the difference for yourself.


As with sweeping, picking up can be a very dusty process. We offer both conventional and very minimal dust machines. Again if you are near major traffic areas, schools, or dust sensitive areas, call to schedule a very minimal dust harvest experience. Reduce the liability and reduce mite flare ups between varieties. If dust is not a issue for you, we offer conventional harvesters as well. Each grower has specific needs and we have the equipment and resources to tailor each specific ranch. We offer harvesters with the self propelled jack runner system, jack carts, or super carts depending on your orchard size and needs we have several harvesters to get your crop up and out before the rain hits.

Walnut Hulling & Drying

We have found in the past few years it is more economical for a grower to be able to make one call for harvest planning. Shake, sweep, pick-up, trucking, etc. if you have a need for walnut hulling, we can accommodate smaller acreage to provide better quality of your walnut crop. Those who have larger acreage, we will provide you with a reliable local huller for your area and needs. We focus on providing what you the customer need, even if it means we send the work to another trusted source. Our goal is to ensure you the customer, receive the best return on your crop in a timely manner. This also applies for almond hulling and shelling. We will find you what you need for your specific orchard.